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Speaker Boehner Honors The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Speaker of the House John Boehner

WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 17 (KATAKAMI.COM / SPEAKER.GOV) — Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today issued the following statement in recognition of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day:

“With words that continue to inspire, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. challenged our country to look inward and honor the promises our forebears made to secure the blessings of liberty.  Reverend King stressed faith and grace in his quest to achieve freedom and equality for all, preaching that the ‘time is always right to do what is right.’  Recent events have reminded us that whatever our differences may be, we can disagree without being disagreeable to each other, and we can seek to be right without being self-righteous.  Reverend King led a committed life, and it is right that we continue to honor his memory and reflect on his legacy.”  (*)

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Photostream : Operation Jonathan at Entebbe Airport in Uganda ( 1976 )

Photo : Entebbe Airport in 1976. The Old Entebbe airport is now used by Uganda's military forces and was the scene of a hostage rescue operation by Israeli Sayeret Matkal, dubbed Operation Entebbe, in 1976, after an Arab-German hijacking of Air France Flight 139 out of Tel Aviv. The scene of that particular rescue was "the old airport", which was recently demolished except for its control tower. The successful rescue, named Operation Thunderbolt, is sometimes referred to as OPERATION JONATHAN in memory of the unit's leader, Jonathan Netanyahu. He was the older brother of Benjamin Netanyahu, currently the Prime Minister of Israel.

Photo : The old tower of Entebbe International Airport in Uganda. Now used as part of the military facility at the airport. Photo by Wikipedia

Operation Entebbe : Operation Entebbe, also known as the Entebbe Raid or Operation Thunderbolt, was a counter-terrorism hostage-rescue mission carried out by the Israel Defense Force (IDF) at Entebbe Airport in Uganda on the night of July 3 and early morning of July 4, 1976.

Photo : The black Mercedes of the fighters of 'Sayeret Matkal'. A black Mercedes with accompanying Land Rovers was taken along to give the impression that the Israeli troops driving from the landed aircraft to the terminal building were an escort for a returning Idi Amin or other high-ranking official. The Mercedes car was borrowed from an Israeli civilian and apparently spray-painted black for the raid, on the understanding that it would be returned to the owner in its original colour. The Mercedes and its escort vehicles were quickly driven by the Israeli assault team members to the airport terminal in the same fashion as Amin. However, along the way, two Ugandan sentries, who were aware that Idi Amin had recently purchased a white Mercedes to replace his black one, ordered this procession of vehicles to stop. Both of these sentries were immediately shot dead by the Israeli commandos. Fearing premature alerting of associates to the hijackers, the Israeli assault team was quickly sent into action.

In July 1976, Israeli commandos rescued hostages held for a week aboard a hijacked Air France plane at at Entebbe airport in Uganda. WIKIPEDIA : Hostage rescue The Israelis sprang from their vehicles and burst towards the terminal. The hostages were in the main hall of the airport building, directly adjacent to the runway. Upon entering the terminal, the commandos were shouting through a megaphone, "Stay down! Stay down! We are Israeli soldiers." in both Hebrew and English. (Photo by Independent.Co.UK)

Rescue plane takes off. (Photo: Yaakov Saar GPO / Ynet )

(KNESSET.GOV.IL) Operation Entebbe : was a rescue mission performed by several IDF units in Uganda – 4,000 kilometers from Israel – on July 4th 1976, for the liberation of 98 Jewish and Israeli hostages. On June 27th, an Air France aircraft was hijacked by Palestinian and German terrorists. The hijackers landed the plane at Benghazi, Libya and flew it from there to Entebbe in Uganda, where all non-Jewish passengers were freed. Israel had tried to develop a dialogue with Ugandan President Idi Amin, who collaborated with the terrorists. Simultaneously, preparations began for a military operation, based on intelligence regarding the situation in the Entebbe Airport. Following the Government’s decision to go forward with the plan, four transport aircrafts took off from Sharm el-Sheikh en route to Entebbe. The raid on the airport resulted in five Israeli casualties: IDF officer Yonatan (Yoni) Netanyahu (brother of MK and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu); Dora Bloch, an elderly woman hospitalized during the raid and murdered after the raid (her remains were returned to Israel in June 1979); Ida Borochovitch, Jean Jacques Maimoni, and Pasko Cohen were killed during the Operation. On the return flight, the planes landed in Nairobi, Kenya for refueling to attend to the fatally wounded with medical care. IDF Chief of Staff Mordechai Gur announced it at first as an emergency landing, but it seemed to have been coordinated with Kenyan President Jomo Kenyatta. Various Arab countries and groups, the Communist Bloc, and many African countries condemned the Entebbe Operation and referred to it as a pirate act, while Western countries praised it. The United Nations’ Security Council did not conclude a resolution in this matter. Israel was in high spirits, and the operation improved the social atmosphere within the IDF. The operation was congruent with Israel’s policy not to negotiate with terrorists, whatever risks are at stake. On July 4th 1976, a festive plenum sitting was held in which the Government announced the liberation of the hostages in Uganda. Knesset Speaker, Yisrael Yeshayahu, before allowing the Prime Minister to speak, read from Psalms: "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good…". ( (Photo : KNESSET.GOV.IL)

Hostages return : Israeli hostages on their return to Israel after Operation Entebbe on 3rd July 1976, in which, Israeli special forces rescued 100 hostages held at Entebbe Airport in Uganda by members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine following their hijack of Air France Flight 139. The raid also resulted in the deaths of all six hijackers, three hostages, 45 Ugandan soldiers and one Israeli soldier. (Photo by Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Hostages rescued after Entebbe operation. Israel News photo.

JOY AT RESCUE OF HOSTAGES : Operation Entebbe (Thunderbolt) was a hostage-rescue mission carried out by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) at Entebbe Airport in Uganda on July 4, 1976. An Air France plane with 300 passengers was hijacked by Palestinian terrorists and supporters. Shortly after landing, all non-Jewish passengers were released. Israeli transport planes carried 100 elite commandos over 2,500 miles (4,000 km) to Uganda for the rescue operation. The operation, lasted 90 minutes. 103 hostages were escued. All the hijackers, three hostages and 45 Ugandan soldiers were killed. One IDF commander, Yonatan Netanyahu, was killed. He was the older brother of Benjamin Netanyahu, currently the Prime Minister of Israel. The operation is often referred to as “OPERATION JONATHAN.”


Jonathan Netanyahu's (hero of Entebbe) grave at Mr. Hertzl

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Photostream : Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman visits Greece

Visiting Israel's Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman (L) talks with Greece's Orthodox Archbishop Ieronymos during their meeting in Athens, January 14, 2011. Lieberman is on a three-day visit in Athens. REUTERS/John Kolesidis

Greek President Karolos Papoulias, right, welcomes Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman during their meeting at the Presidential Palace in Athens, Thursday, Jan. 13, 2011. The Greek and Israeli cabinets will hold a joint session this year as part of accelerated efforts to end decades of cool relations and boost trade, Lieberman said Wednesday. Israel's Foreign Minister is in Greece on a four-day official visit. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

Greek Prime Minister Georges Papandreou (L) speaks with Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman during their meeting in Athens on January 13, 2011. Lieberman is on a three-day visit to Greece for talks as Athens announced the two countries would set up a joint cooperation ministerial panel to boost ties. As reported by The Athens News, in statements after their meeting, Lieberman highlighted cooperation between the two sides in tourism but noted, in response to questions, that cooperation in natural gas would require "detailed study". He underlined the value of economic cooperation that he said would be the "challenge of the years to come" and that this should begin as soon as possible. Concerning Greece's role in the Middle East, Lieberman said that this would be successful "if Greece can contribute to strengthening Israel's ties with its neighbouring countries".Regarding the planned Greece-Israel ministerial council, the Israeli foreign minister said that this would probably hold its first meeting in three months, while Droutsas said that the first meeting would take place in Israel and deal with issues such as culture, tourism, agriculture, energy and high technology. (Photo by ARIS MESSINIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman visits the Acropolis archaeological site in Athens on January 14, 2011. Lieberman is in Athens on a three-day official visit for talks with Greek top officials. (Photo by LOUISA GOULIAMAKI/AFP/Getty Images)

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Hamas leader promises to rebuild all Gaza houses

PHOTO FILE : Senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh gives a speech to Palestinians and international peace activists inside al-Garbi mosque at Shati refugee camp in Gaza City October 22, 2010. Hundreds of international peace activists arrived in Gaza on Thursday in a convoy carrying humanitarian supplies, to show solidarity with Palestinians in the blockaded Gaza Strip, an official in the convoy said. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem

RAMALLAH, Jan. 17 (KATAKAMI.COM / Xinhua) — Hamas will rebuild all houses that were destroyed or damaged during Israel’s military operation in the Gaza Strip two years ago, its leader in Gaza announced Sunday.

“We have got the money to complete the first phase of the project and we will lay the cornerstone within 48 hours,” said Ismail Haneya, the deposed premier of Hamas’ government.

Haneya made his announcement during a conference in Gaza City. He did not reveal where his government got the money from.

In March 2009, international donors, meeting in the Red Sea Egyptian resort of Sharm Al-Sheikh, pledged more than 4 billion U. S. dollars to rebuild houses and infrastructure that was destroyed in Israel’s three-week offensive in the winter of 2008-09.

However, the international projects could not begin because the international community doesn’t deal with Hamas.

Pledging that the project will include “every destroyed house,” Haneya added that the reconstruction “is a clear message to everybody who bet on the fall” of the Islamic movement which seized Gaza by force in 2007.

The Israeli assault, codenamed Operation Cast Lead, left some 1, 400 Palestinians dead and destroyed thousands of structures, most of them houses.

Hamas, which won parliamentary elections in 2006, tightened its grip on Gaza after it routed security forces loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and ousted his Fatah party, leaving the Palestinian National Authority confined to the West Bank.  (*)

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U.S. congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords upgraded from critical to serious

Mark Kelly, the husband of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, holds his wife's hand in the congresswoman's hospital room at University Medical Center, January 9, 2011.

Jan 17, 2011 (KATAKAMI.COM / Reuters) – U.S. congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ medical condition was upgraded from critical to serious on Sunday, eight days after she was shot through the head by a gunman at close range.

Doctors said they upgraded Giffords’ condition because she was no longer attached to a ventilator, having replaced a breathing tube in her throat with a tracheotomy tube inserted into her windpipe on Saturday.

“She is breathing on her own,” said a statement released by the University Medical Center in Tucson. “Yesterday’s procedures were successful and uneventful.”

Doctors also have fitted Giffords with a feeding tube, a practice not uncommon for patients in intensive care with brain injuries.

Giffords, 40, had been the only patient in critical condition from a shooting last Saturday that left 12 other people wounded. Six more gunshot victims died in the rampage. One patient was discharged on Saturday, leaving two others hospitalized in good condition.

A 22-year-old college dropout, Jared Lee Loughner, was arrested for the shootings. He is charged with five federal counts, including the murder of a federal judge and the attempted assassination of Giffords.

Federal authorities are planning to move Loughner’s trial to San Diego because of extensive pretrial publicity in Arizona, The Washington Post reported on Sunday, citing federal law enforcement sources.

They cited publicity and the sensitivity of the case in Arizona, where one of those fatally shot was John Roll, the state’s chief federal judge, the Post said.

The new chief judge, Roslyn Silver, will make the final decision about any venue change, but one law enforcement official told the Post, “it’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of time.”

The rampage sparked a national debate about whether the vitriolic tone of partisan politics in the United States in recent years had contributed to the suspect’s motivations. (*)

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Zsa Zsa Gabor jokes about losing a leg

Gabor, 93, was "doing better" Sunday after having her right leg amputated on Friday.


Los Angeles, Jan 16 (KATAKAMI / CNN) — When Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband told the actress Saturday night that her right leg was amputated Friday she joked about it, Prince Frederic Von Anhalt said Sunday.

“She said ‘I’m gonna die anyhow,'” Von Anhalt said.

Gabor, 93, was “doing better” Sunday and the doctor told him “the wound looks very good, better than expected,” he said.

Von Anhalt didn’t tell his wife what was about to happen when she was being rolled into surgery at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. He said he feared she might become hysterical or have a heart attack if she knew they were going to amputate her right leg above the knee.

She was suffering from a large, deep lesion that proved resistant to antibiotics, her surgeon said.

Dr. David Rigberg, the vascular surgeon who did the amputation, said Friday doctors were “guarded in our opinion on how she’s going to do overall.”

“She didn’t come in from home in very good health, so it’s difficult for me to predict how long she’s going to be here,” Dr. Rigberg said.

“The next seven days are going to be very crucial,” Von Anhalt said Sunday.

Gabor’s only child, daughter Francesca Hilton, complained that doctors had been ordered by Von Anhalt not to talk to her or let her see her mother.

Hilton has maintained a strained relationship with Von Anhalt, Gabor’s ninth and current husband of 23 years.

In November, Gabor was hospitalized for a swollen leg, her husband said at the time. Paramedics initially suspected Gabor suffered from a blood clot in her left leg, but an emergency room doctor at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center later determined she had an infection, according to Von Anhalt.

Gabor has been frail and “pretty much confined to a wheelchair” since a 2002 car accident, Von Anhalt has said. The crash happened when the car in which she was riding with her hairdresser slammed into a light pole on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

She had hip replacement surgery last year after she suffered a fall in her home.

The Hungarian-born actress, the second of the three celebrated Gabor sisters, is most famous for her many marriages. Among her husbands was Oscar-winning actor George Sanders. (*)


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