Full transcript of Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa's "ceasefire" statement

18 Mar

Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa

Libya, after having seen the resolution, would like to explain the following.
As the country will try to deal with this resolution. Libya now has knowledge of this resolution, and according to article 25 of the UN charter, and taking into consideration that Libya is a full member of the UN, we accept that it is obliged to accept the security council resolution. 

Therefore, Libya has decided an immediate ceasefire, and the stoppage of all military operations.

Libya takes great interest in protecting all civilians, and offering them all necessary humanitarian aid, and respecting all human rights, and obliging to the international and humanitarian laws and it is also obliged to protect all of the foreigners in Libya and protecting their assets.

In doing so, Libya is in accordance with the resolutions of the security council and the articles of the charter of the United Nations.

We emphasise in the resolution 1973 for the year 2011, we emphasise and agree to the article regarding the protection of civilians and the territorial unity of Libya.

And therefore, building on this, we are opening all dialogue channels with everyone interested in the territorial unity of Libya.

And my country is very serious about continuing the development, economic, political, humanitarian and social development of the Libyan nation.

And we have indeed taken serious steps in continuing this development for the good of the Libyan people. And we believe that this will take the country back to safety and security for all Libyans.

We also express our sadness towards what the resolution has included, of procedures against the Libyan nation, such as the no-fly zone, which includes commercial and civilian flights.This will increase the suffering of the Libyan people, and will have a negative impact on the general life of Libyan people.

The international community should have exempted civilians from the resolution to secure their quality of life.

Also, the total and inclusive freezing of all Libyan assets and investments will have a very negative impact on normal Libyans and also on Libya’s ability to fulfill its contracts locally and internationally.

Libya also finds that its very strange that the UN allows in its resolution the use of military power and there are signs that this might indeed take place.

This goes clearly against the UN Charter, and its a violation of the national sovereignty of Libya. And it’s also in violation of Article 4(2) of the UN Charter.

And finally, we insist and emphasise our request for all international governments, NGOs and others to check the facts on the ground by sending fact-finding missions so that they can take the right decision by seeing the facts on the ground.

Thank you.   (*)


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